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Erosion of Geomaterials

Edited by Stéphane Bonelli, Irstea (French Environmental Sciences and Technologies Research Institute), France

ISBN: 9781848213517

Publication Date: June 2012   Hardback   400 pp.

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This book aims to deliver significant scientific progress on the problem of the erosion of geomaterials, focusing on the mechanical/physical aspect. The chapters oscillate between a phenomenological outlook that is well grounded in experiments, and an approach that can offer a modeling framework. The basic mechanisms of internal and surface erosion are tackled one-by-one: filtration, suffusion, contact erosion, concentrated leak erosion, sediment and wind transport, bedload transport. These erosion mechanisms comprise both hydraulic structures (dams, dikes) and natural environments (wind, river, coastal). In this book, physicists and mechanicians share with the reader their most recent findings in their field work and study, while at the same time maintaining an accessible format. This compendium provides a well-documented information resource, and above all, a tool for approaching the issue of erosion of geomaterials in an up-to-date fashion for students, researchers and practitioners alike.


1. Introduction to the Process of Internal Erosion in Hydraulic Structures: Embankment Dams and Dikes, Jacques Fry.
2. Suffusion, Transport and Filtration of Fine Particles in Granular Soil, Didier Marot and Ahmed Benamar.
3. The Process of Filtration in Granular Materials, Eric Vincens, Nadège Reboul and Bernard Cambou.
4. Contact Erosion between Two Soils, Rémi Béguin, Pierre Philippe, Yves-Henri Faure and Cyril Guidoux.
5. Concentrated Leak Erosion, Nadia Benahmed, Christophe Chevalier and Stéphane Bonelli.
6. Modeling of Interfacial Erosion, Stéphane Bonelli, Frédéric Golay and Fabienne Mercier.
7. Physics of Sediment and Aeolian Transport, Bruno Andreotti and Philippe Claudin.
8. Two-Phase Modeling of Bedload Transport, Pascale Aussillous, Elisabeth Guazzelli and Yannick Peysson.
9. Characterization of Natural Cohesive Sediments and Water Quality of Rivers, Fabien Ternat, Patrick Boyer, Fabien Anselmet and Muriel Amielh.
10. Sediment Transport and Morphodynamics in Nearshore Areas, Vincent Rey and Damien Sous.

About the Authors

Stéphane Bonelli is a Research Professor at Irstea (French Environmental Sciences and Technologies Research Institute). He has over 20 years of teaching and research experience, and has been a member of the ICOLD (International Commission on Large Dams) European Working Group on Internal Erosion since 2005. He participated to 19 large dams reviews in Fance (visual inspection, monitoring data analysis and numerical modeling). Current activities include research, teaching and consultancy, focussing on soil erosion and the processes of levee breach.


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