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Real-time Systems Scheduling 1


Edited by Maryline Chetto, Institute of Technology of the University of Nantes, France

ISBN: 9781848216655

Publication Date: August 2014   Hardback   308 pp.

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Real-time systems are used in a wide range of applications, including control, sensing, multimedia, etc. Scheduling is a central problem for these computing/communication systems since it is responsible for software execution in a timely manner. This book, the first of two volumes on the subject, is of interest as a general course on scheduling in real-time systems.
It addresses foundations as well as the latest advances and findings in real-time scheduling, giving comprehensive references to important papers, but the chapters are short and not overloaded with confusing details. Coverage includes scheduling approaches for mono-core, multi-core as well as energy-constrained platforms, scheduling of tasks with resource requirements and advances in computing Worst Case Execution Times.
This book can serve as a textbook for courses on the topic in bachelorís degrees and in more advanced masterís degree programs. It also provides a reference for computer scientists and engineers involved in the design or the development of Cyber-Physical Systems which require up-to-date real-time scheduling solutions.


1. Introduction to Real-time Scheduling, Emmanuel Grolleau.
2. Uniprocessor Architecture Solutions, Laurent George and Jean-François Hermant.
3. Multiprocessor Architecture Solutions, Joël Goossens and Pascal Richard.
4. Synchronizations: Shared Resource Access Protocols, Serge Midonnet and Frédéric Fauberteau.
5. Estimation of Execution Time and Delays, Claire Maiza, Pascal Raymond and Christine Rochange.
6. Optimization of Energy Consumption, Cécile Belleudy.

About the Authors

Maryline Chetto is Full Professor at the University of Nantes, France and teaches at the Institut Universitaire de Technologie de Nantes. She is also a researcher in IRCCyN (Institut de Recherche en Communications et Cybernétique de Nantes) where she works on real-time scheduling, energy harvesting, and dynamic power management.


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