Space Strategy

Space Strategy

Colonel Jean-Luc Lefebvre, International Space University (ISU), France

ISBN : 9781848219977

Publication Date : March 2017

Hardcover 496 pp

150.00 USD



Strategy is the art of thinking about war before it occurs. Noting that space already plays a role in all of today’s wars, Space Strategy studies how conflicts are extending into this new domain. The book defines extra-atmospheric space and focuses on its varying features and constraints. By exploring the opportunities for action provided by different strategic positions, the book analyzes the most plausible combat scenarios from, against and within space. It explains the concepts of militarization, weaponization and martialization of space and shows how space systems constitute an essential component of information literacy – the key to power in the 21st Century.
Space Strategy then demonstrates why our society, having become space-dependent, must take appropriate measures to develop its spatioresilience. Finally, the author summarizes his reflections in the form of a mnemonic listing twelve principles of space strategy.
Completed by educational appendices and a glossary containing one thousand entries, Space Strategy meets the needs of students, researchers or any other reader curious about expanding their knowledge of strategy.


1. Space Strategy: From Words to Actions.
2. Strategic Space: What Are the Limits?
3. How Can We Reach Space and Then Act With in It?
4. Space: What Are the Strategic Stakes?
5. Fighting Against Earth from Space?
6. Fighting Against Space from Earth?
7. Combat within Space?
8. Twelve Principles of Space Strategy.
9. Moving Beyond Space Strategy.

About the authors/editors

Colonel Jean-Luc Lefebvre, an expert in space technology and graduate of the International Space University (ISU), is a former telecommunications engineer, retired Professor of the French war school and strategy researcher who has worked on various NATO committees.