Mechanics of Aeronautical Composite Materials

Mechanics of Aeronautical Composite Materials

Christophe Bouvet, ISAE-SUPAÉRO, France

ISBN : 9781786301147

Publication Date : August 2017

Hardcover 318 pp

125.00 USD



This book presents the principles of composite laminate sizing widely used for composite structures. The focus is on aeronautics in particular, including the concepts of limit loads and ultimate loads.

After a brief overview of the main composite materials used in aeronautics, the basic theory of laminated plates and the associated rupture criteria are given. The author presents two fundamental cases of the sizing of aeronautical composite structures: the calculation of the holed structures and their subsequent multi-bolt joints, and the calculation of the buckling.

The concept of damage tolerance is also explored, with a focus on its application for tolerance to impact damage. These notions are fundamental for understanding the specificities of the sizing of aeronautical composite structures.

The book also contains corrected exercises for the reader to test their understanding of the different topics covered.


1. Presentation of an Aeronautical Unidirectional Composite.
2. Characteristics of UD Ply.
3. Characteristics of a UD Ply in a Given Direction.
4. Fracture of a Laminated Composite.
5. Fracture Criteria of a UD Ply.
6. Membrane Behavior of a Laminated Composite Plate.
7. Bending Behavior of a Laminated Composite Plate.
8. The Fracture Criterion of a Laminate.
9. Damage Tolerance.
10. Interlaminar and Out-of-Plane Shear Stress.
11. Holed and Bolted Plates.
12. Buckling.
13. Miscellaneous Rules for Stacking.
14. Exercises.
15. Solutions to the Exercises.

About the authors/editors

Christophe Bouvet is Professor of Structural Mechanics at the ISAE-SUPAÉRO in France. His research focuses on the sizing and damage of composite structures at the Institut Clément Adler (ICA) in Toulouse, France.