Biodiversity and Health

Linking Life, Ecosystems and Societies

Biodiversity and Health

Serge Morand, Consultant
Claire Lajaunie, Consultant

ISBN : 9781785481154

Publication Date : November 2017

Hardcover 300 pp

150.00 USD



There is a gap between the ecology of health and the concepts supported by international initiatives such as EcoHealth, One Health or Planetary Health; a gap which this book aims to fill.

Global change is accelerated by problems of growing population, industrialization and geopolitics, and the world’s biodiversity is suffering as a result, which impacts both humans and animals. However, Biodiversity and Health offers the unique opportunity to demonstrate how ecological, environmental, medical and social sciences can contribute to the improvement of human health and wellbeing through the conservation of biodiversity and the services it brings to societies.

This book gives an expansive and integrated overview of the scientific disciplines that contribute to the connection between health and biodiversity, from the evolutionary ecology of infectious and non-infectious diseases to ethics, law and politics.


1. A Brief History on the Links between Health and Biodiversity.
2. Biodiversity, Cultural Diversity and Infectious Diseases.
3. Loss of Biological Diversity and Emergence of Infectious Diseases.
4. Loss of Biodiversity and Emergence of Non-infectious Diseases.
5. Anthropogenic Stress.
6. Biodiversity Response.
7. Animal and Human Pharmacopoeias.
8. Well-being.
9. Ecosystem Services for Health and Biodiversity.
10. Biodiversity and Health Scenarios.
11. Governance of Biodiversity and Health.
12. Ethics, Values and Responsibilities.
13. The Role of Law, Justice and?Scientific Knowledge in Health and Biodiversity.

About the authors/editors

Serge Morand is an evolutionary ecologist and field disease ecologist working in rural Southeast Asia on the impacts of land use and biodiversity changes on disease transmission.

Claire Lajaunie is a legal researcher who investigates the linkages between biodiversity and health through the study of Global Environmental Law, governance and the associated ethical issues.

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