Alteration of Ovoproducts

From Metabolomics to Online Control

Alteration of Ovoproducts

Edited by

Olivier Gonçalves and Jack Legrand, University of Nantes, France

ISBN : 9781785482717

Publication Date : July 2018

Hardcover 302 pp

120.00 USD



This book focuses on both the potential and proven capabilities of the latest metabolomics-based analytical approaches for the early diagnosis of the alteration of ovoproducts during their production and preservation processes. It details the ovoproduct matrix, known sources of biotic and abiotic alteration, and their associated biomarkers.

The capabilities (exploratory and characterization) of the latest metabolomics approaches, both invasive and non-invasive, are explored: chromatography hyphenated (or not) with mass spectrometry, NMR, MS, vibrational spectroscopy such as MIR, NIR, Raman, etc.

Finally, the next generation of online sensors derived from the latest techniques (NeSSi system) as well as benchtop adaptations (NIR, Raman, chromatography, benchmark MS, benchmark low field NMR) are discussed concerning their applicative potential in industry.


1. Presentation of the Ovoproduct Matrix, Marc Anton, Françoise Nau, Valérie Lechevalier and Anne Meynier.
2. Spoilage of Egg Products, Sophie Jan, Florence Baron, Rémy Coat and? Olivier Gonçalves.
3. Characterizing the Spoilage of Egg Products using Targeted and Non-targeted Approaches,
Rémy Coat, Boris Gouilleux, Gérald Thouand, Ali Assaf, Abdellah Arhaliass, Jack Legrand, Anne Thierry, Estelle Martineau, Frédérique Courant, Patrick Giraudeau and Olivier Gonçalves.
4. The Potential of Online Analysis Systems for the Chemotyping of the Egg Matrix, Rémy Coat, Boris Gouilleux, Abdellah Arhaliass,
Jack Legrand, Gérald Thouand, Estelle Martineau, Ali Assaf, Patrick Giraudeau and Olivier Gonçalves.

About the authors/editors

Olivier Gonçalves is Assistant Professor in Analytical Chemistry at the Laboratoire Génie des Procédés Environnement – Agroalimentaire at the University of Nantes, France.

Jack Legrand is Professor in Chemical Engineering at the Laboratoire Génie des Procédés Environnement – Agroalimentaire at the University of Nantes, France.