Competence and Program-based Approach in Training

Tools for Developing Responsible Activities

Volume 1 - Innovation and Responsibility SET Coordinated by Robert Gianni and Bernard Reber

Competence and Program-based Approach in Training

Edited by

Catherine Loisy, École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France
Jean-Claude Coulet, Rennes 2 University, France

ISBN : 9781786303042

Publication Date : September 2018

Hardcover 296 pp

145.00 USD



Today, training policies largely promote competence and program-based approaches, particularly in Europe. Through these approaches, another way of contemplating knowledge and human activities undeniably takes shape. The debate between those who promote these approaches and those who see only a neoliberal version of a formation abandoning its humanist foundations is often lively.

As advanced by research, Competence and Program-based Approach in Training shows that, by focusing on the processes involved in the dynamics of the mobilization and the construction of individual and collective competencies, it is possible to overcome this type of controversy. The book offers concrete tools with which we can design and implement innovative and responsible pedagogical practices with regard to crucial societal issues such as the inclusion of human activities in sustainable development.

Teachers, tutors, training managers and members of universities will discover many new ways of working in this book.


1. Program-based Approach, Curriculum and Competency-based Approach: Sense and Nonsense in the Light of Neoliberalism, Yves Lenoir.
2. Can a Competency-based Curriculum be a Humanistic Curriculum?, Xavier Roegiers.
3. Developing Competencies: Theoretical Detour in Favor of a Humanistic-based Competency Approach, Jean-Claude Coulet.
4. A Developmental Perspective of Competency Assessment, Christian Chauvigné.
5. Anchoring Social and Environmental Responsibilities in Educational and Training Practices, Jean-Claude Coulet.
6. Program-based Approach in Teacher Development Perspective, Catherine Loisy.
7. Implementing the Program-based Approach: a Development Perspective of the Quality of University Education,
Mariane Frenay, Philippe Parmentier, Léticia Warnier and Pascale Wouters.
8. Benchmarks for Operationalizing Program-based and Competency-based Approaches in Universities,
Catherine Loisy, Émilie Carosin and Jean-Claude Coulet.

About the authors/editors

Catherine Loisy, senior lecturer in psychology at the French Institute of Education (IFE) at the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France, is a member of the S2HEP (Science and Society: Historicity, Education and Practice) team.

Jean-Claude Coulet, senior lecturer and researcher in developmental psychology, is currently associate member of the LP3C, Rennes 2 University, and the Open Lab "Exploration and Innovation" of the CRCGM, University of Auvergne, France.