The Emergence of Start-ups

Volume 1 - Modern Finance, Management Innovation & Economic Growth SET Coordinated by Faten Ben Bouheni

The Emergence of Start-ups

David Heller, ISC Paris, France
Sylvain de Chadirac, Consultant, Paris Business Angels
Lana Halaoui, ISC Paris, France
Camille Jouvet, ISC Paris, France

ISBN : 9781786304506

Publication Date : May 2019

Hardcover 188 pp

120.00 USD



In France, the number of young start-ups has soared since the beginning of the 2010s, leading the government to encourage their development and make France the “start-up nation”.

This book contributes to a better understanding of the emergence of these companies by studying the influence of the ecosystem on their development and the modes of financing that they use. The financing of start-ups remains a major challenge insofar as they are often faced with refusal from the banks. Successful financing depends largely on the geopolitical and economic environment. Through a comparative study of models from both France and English-speaking countries, the authors explore possible financing solutions for France. The book concludes with a discussion of equity crowdfunding, which proves to be a successful financing alternative.

Including theoretical and empirical studies, this book provides concrete solutions aimed at developing innovative entrepreneurship in France.


1. The Influence of the Ecosystem on the Development and Financing of Start-ups.
2. Financing Young Innovative Companies in France.
3. Equity Crowdfunding of Start-ups in France.

About the authors/editors

David Heller is a professor-researcher in finance and head of the Master’s course in Finance at ISC Paris, France.

Sylvain de Chadirac works in the start-up financing consultation market. He is the managing director of Paris Business Angels.

Lana Halaoui is preparing to start her own company after completing her Master’s degree at ISC Paris, France.

Camille Jouvet has undertaken several projects, such as the ISC Business Tour, aimed at boosting the ISC Paris alumni network internationally.