Prospective Philosophy of Software

A Simondonian Study

Volume 3 - Technological Prospects and Social Applications SET Coordinated by Bruno Salgues

Prospective Philosophy of Software

Coline Ferrarato, ENS, France

ISBN : 9781786304438

Publication Date : December 2019

Hardcover 168 pp

120.00 USD



Computer software (operating systems, web browsers, word processors, etc.) structure our daily lives. Comprising both a user interface and the electronic circuits of the machine it is printed to, software represents a hybrid object at the crossroads of materiality and immateriality. But is it, strictly speaking, a “technical object”?

By examining the status of software against the criteria of philosophy of classic techniques, in particular that of Gilbert Simondon, this book lays the groundwork of a philosophical reflection on this subject.

Further, in order to help introduce readers to problematics, lines of code and explanatory schemas have been provided.


1. Simondon’s Philosophy of Technics: A Work Program.
2. Genetic Study of Technology: the Software Program, A Technical Object?
3. Psychosocial Study of Free Software.

About the authors/editors

Coline Ferrarato is a discussion leader at Savoirs ENS in France. Her research focuses on the notion of immateriality in political philosophy. She is also developing a reflection around pedagogy.