Electrical Systems 2

From Diagnosis to Prognosis

Electrical Systems 2

Edited by

Abdenour Soualhi, Jean Monnet University, France
Hubert Razik, University Lyon I, France

ISBN : 9781786306081

Publication Date : March 2020

Hardcover 224 pp

135.00 USD



Methods of diagnosis and prognosis play a key role in the reliability and safety of industrial systems.

Failure diagnosis requires the use of suitable sensors, which provide signals that are processed to monitor features (health indicators) for defects. These features are required to distinguish between operating states, in order to inform the operator of the severity level, or even the type, of a failure.

Prognosis is defined as the estimation of a system’s lifespan, including how long remains and how long has passed. It also encompasses the prediction of impending failures. This is a challenge that many researchers are currently trying to address.

Electrical Systems, a book in two volumes, informs readers of the theoretical solutions to this problem, and the results obtained in several laboratories in France, Spain and further afield. To this end, many researchers from the scientific community have contributed to this book to share their research results.


1. Diagnosis of Electrical Machines by External Field Measurement, Remus Pusca, Eric Lefevre, David Mercier, Raphael Romary and Miftah Irhoumah.
2. Signal Processing Techniques for Transient Fault Diagnosis, José Alfonso Antoino Daviu and Roque Alfredo Osornio Rios.
3. Accurate Stator Fault Detection in an Induction Motor Using the Symmetrical Current Components, Monia Bouzid and Gérard Champenois.
4. Bearing Fault Diagnosis in Rotating Machines, Claude Delpha, Demba Diallo, Jinane Harmouche,
Mohamed Benzoubid, Yassine Amirat and Elhoussin Elbouchikhi.
5. Diagnosis and Prognosis of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells, Zhongliang Li, Zhixue Zheng and Fei Gao.

About the authors/editors

Abdenour Soualhi is an Assistant Professor in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering at LASPI Laboratory, Jean Monnet University, Roanne, France. His main research interests are in signal processing, diagnosis and prognosis of faults.

Hubert Razik is a Full Professor of Electrical Engineering at Claude Bernard University Lyon I, France. His main research interests include modeling, control and monitoring conditions of multiphase induction motors.

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