Innovation and Export

The Joint Challenge of the Small Company

Volume 37 - Smart Innovation SET Coordinated by Dimitri Uzunidis

Innovation and Export

Manon Enjolras, ERPI laboratory - Université de Lorraine, France

ISBN : 9781786306203

Publication Date : January 2022

Hardcover 192 pp

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The concepts of innovation and export are traditionally considered in isolation, both within companies and within the support organizations dedicated to them. As a result, within this broad research field, very little academic work has focused on how to implement their relationship at an operational level. This book proposes a joint diagnostic tool for SMEs, highlighting good practices to be mastered in order to simultaneously improve innovation and export performance, in the form of a virtuous circle.

Innovation and Export focuses on the integration of innovation and export into the strategic management of SMEs, for which the use of synergies is a powerful lever to overcome any difficulties in mobilizing significant resources.


Part 1. The Relationship between Innovation and Export inSMEs
1. The Innovation–Export Relationship: A Complex Vision.
2. Joint Innovation–Export Best Practices.

Part 2. PE2I, or How to Model Synergies
3. Design of a Joint Diagnosis Dedicated to SMEs: The PE2I.
4. Implementation of the PE2I: Test with French SMEs.
5. Feedback on the PE2I Tool.

About the authors

Manon Enjolras is Assistant Professor at the ERPI laboratory (Université de Lorraine, France). She works on metrology of innovation processes and the application of multi-criteria analysis methodologies for the design of decision support tools for enterprises.