Experience in Healthcare Innovation

Fad or New Paradigm?

Volume 5 - Health and Innovation SET by Corinne Grennier

Experience in Healthcare Innovation

Edited by

Luigi Flora, University of Côte d’Azur, France.
Corinne Grenier, KEDGE Business School, France.
Frédéric Ponsignon, KEDGE Business School, France.

ISBN : 9781786308450

Publication Date : July 2024

Hardcover 318 pp

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Using the experience of patients, users, healthcare professionals and other stakeholders to innovate and rethink healthcare organizations and systems is gaining ground. Deploying these innovative methods and practices, however, requires an understanding and mastery of theoretical principles, as well as experimenting with them in the field.

Experience in Healthcare Innovation alternates between theoretical presentations and case studies/examples in order to present the key notions of innovation in healthcare and the experiences of the people at the heart of healthcare ecosystems. It brings together diverse and complementary perspectives, shedding new light on the issue of healthcare experience through the prism of innovation. It includes a wealth of resources, ideas and results for all of those in healthcare wishing to implement innovative approaches that place the human experience at the heart of healthcare ecosystems.


Part 1. Crossed Perspectives on Experiential Knowledge.
1. User Knowledge, a Key Ingredient for Health Innovation and the Sustainability of our Health Systems, Geneviève Cyr and Marie-Pascale Pomey.
2. The Experience of Caregivers in Supporting People with Neurodegenerative Diseases, Anaïs Cheneau and Valérie Fargeon.
3. The Experiential Approach and Alzheimer’s Disease: Including the Spiritual Dimension for a More Global Approach, Ruth Laure Alamarguy and Pauline Lenesley.
4. Rethinking the Organization of SDCCs in Light of the Experience of Volunteers in a State of Great Social Precariousness, Corinne Grenier.
5. Professional, Team and Digital Identity: The Impact on Patient Experience, Stephanie Best, Ann Dadich and Sharon Williams.
6. Mobilizing the Experience of People with Disabilities: A Necessity in the Transfer of Innovations,
Éléonore Ségard and Philippe Chervin.

Part 2. Crossed Perspectives on the Impacts on Organizations and Health Systems.
7. Reorienting Our Health System towards its Users Thanks to Design Thinking: The Experience of Kaiser Permanente, Inès Graney.
8. Patient-Centered Care at Public Hospitals: A War of the Worlds? Marie-Eve Laporte, Patrick Gilbert and Karim Zinaï.
9. A Brief History of Changes in the Medico-Social Sector over Recent Decades. Interview with Marielle Ravot, Luigi Flora and Marielle Ravot.
10. EPoP: An Approach to Developing Peer Intervention, Sabrina Sinigaglia.
11. The Potential for Digital Health to Reframe the Role of Compassion in Patient Experience Innovation, Lester Levy, Ann Dadich and Kevin Lowe.
12. Help with Prescribing Mobile Health Applications: A Partnership Design, Luigi Flora, David Darmon, Stephen Darmoni, Julien Grosjean, Christian Simon, Parina Hassanaly et Jean-Charles Dufour.
13. Beyond the Testimony: Patient Partners and Ongoing Education Program, Yves Couturier, Marie-Eve Poitras, Marie-Dominique Poirier et Anaëlle Morin.
14. The Care Partnership: Challenges and Perspectives for Healthcare Systems, Philippe Anhorn.

About the authors/editors

Luigi Flora is the Co-director of the Patient and Public Partnership Innovation Center (CI3P) at Université Côte d’Azur, France, where he specializes in patients’ experiential knowledge and its complementarity with healthcare professionals.

Corinne Grenier is Senior Professor HDR at KEDGE Business School, France. Her research concerns the transformation of organizations in the field of healthcare, with regard to an inclusive society.

Frédéric Ponsignon is Associate Professor of Operations Management at KEDGE Business School, France. He has expertise in customer/visitor/patient experience, process management and quality management.