Innovative Ultrasound Imaging Techniques

Biomedical Applications

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Innovative Ultrasound Imaging Techniques

Edited by

S. Lori Bridal, Sorbonne University, Inserm and CNRS in Paris, France.

ISBN : 9781789451634

Publication Date : August 2024

Hardcover 348 pp

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This book provides an understanding of ultrasound imaging principles and how the field is evolving to better probe living systems. Today, widely-used imaging systems visualize structures and blood flow within the body in real-time. Signal analysis, hardware and contrast agent innovations are extending the capacity of ultrasound to assess tissue elasticity, to enable three-dimensional viewing of moving structures and to detect vessels smaller than the wavelength-limited resolution. Techniques are also being designed so that we are less impeded by bones in the sound path, as well as to combine light and sound to detect optically-absorbent structures within the body.

After an introductory chapter reviewing the key basic concepts, each chapter presents a detailed explanation focusing on a specific set of key principles and then shows the related techniques in each domain that are currently being refined to evaluate living systems in greater depth.


1. Principles of Ultrasound Imaging and Signal Analysis, S. Lori Bridal.
2. Transducers, Imaging Systems and Image Formation, Enrico Boni, Alessandro Ramalli, Alessandro Stuart Savoia and Piero Tortoli.
3. Shear Wave Propagation and Probing Tissue Mechanical Properties, Stefan Catheline and Bruno Giammarinaro.
4. Doppler Ultrasound and Flow Mapping, Alfred C.H. Yu.
5. Cardiac Ultrasound Imaging, Konstantina Papangelopoulou, Marta Orlowska, Sjoerd Nooijens and Jan D'Hooge.
6. Ultrasound Contrast Agents: Microvascular Characterization, Simona Turco, Peiran Chen, Andrej Lyshchik, Ahmed El Kaffas and Massimo Mischi.
7. Resolution Limits and Super-Resolution Imaging, Vincent Hingot and Olivier Couture.
8. Sources of Image Degradation and their Correlation in Single-sided Ultrasound Imaging of Heterogeneous Tissues, Guillaume Renaud, Danai E. Soulioti and Gianmarco Pinton.
9. Tomography and Spectroscopy: Photoacoustics, Théotim Lucas and Jérôme Gateau.

About the authors/editors

S. Lori Bridal is a CNRS (French National Research Center) researcher and she leads the Laboratory of Biomedical Imaging (Sorbonne University, Inserm and CNRS) in Paris, France. Her research interests include quantitative ultrasonic assessment of tissular and microvascular changes during therapy.

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