Fundamentals of Software Testing

Fundamentals of Software Testing

Bernard Homès, Consultant

ISBN : 9781848213241

Publication Date : December 2011

Hardcover 384 pp

147.00 USD



The testing market is growing at a fast pace and ISTQB certifications are being increasingly requested, with more than 180,000 persons currently certified throughout the world. The ISTQB Foundations level syllabus was updated in 2011, and this book provides detailed course study material including a glossary and sample questions to help adequately prepare for the certification exam.

The fundamental aspects of testing are approached, as is testing in the lifecycles from Waterfall to Agile and iterative lifecycles. Static testing, such as reviews and static analysis, and their benefits are examined as well as techniques such as Equivalence Partitioning, Boundary Value Analysis, Decision Table Testing, State Transitions and use cases, along with selected white box testing techniques. Test management, test progress monitoring, risk analysis and incident management are covered, as are the methods for successfully introducing tools in an organization.


1. Fundamentals of Testing.
2. Testing Throughout the Software Life Cycle.
3. Static Techniques (FL 3.0).
4. Test Design Techniques (FL 4.0).
5. Test Management (FL 5.0).
6. Tools support for Testing (FL 6.0).
7. Mock Exam.
8. Templates and Models.
9. Answers to the Questions.

About the authors

Bernard Homès, an IEEE senior member, has more than 30 years experience in software development and testing in safety critical areas (aeronautics, aerospace, medical and telecom). A renowned consultant and keynote speaker, he coordinated and authored the ISTQB Advanced level syllabus and provides specialized testing services for international customers.

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