Flash Memory Integration

Performance and Energy Considerations

Energy Management in Embedded Systems SET Coordinated by Maryline Chetto

Flash Memory Integration

Jalil Boukhobza, University of Western Brittany, France
Pierre Olivier, Virginia Tech, USA

ISBN : 9781785481246

Publication Date : April 2017

Hardcover 266 pp

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4 zettabytes (4 billion terabytes) of data generated in 2013, 44 zettabytes predicted for 2020 and 185 zettabytes for 2025. These figures are staggering and perfectly illustrate this new era of data deluge. Data has become a major economic and social challenge. The speed of processing of these data is that of the weakest link in a computer system: the storage system. It is therefore crucial to optimize this operation. During the last decade, storage systems have experienced a major revolution: the advent of flash memory. Furthermore, other changes are coming.

This book contributes to a better understanding of these revolutions. The authors offer us an insight into the integration of flash memory in computer systems, their behavior in performance and in power consumption compared to traditional storage systems. The book also presents, in their entirety, various methods for measuring the performance and energy consumption of storage systems for embedded as well as desktop/server computer systems. We are invited on a journey to the memories of the future.


Part 1. Introduction
1. General Introduction.
2. Flash Memories: Structure and Constraints.
3. Evaluation of Performance and Power Consumption of Storage Systems.

Part 2. Embedded Domain and File Systems for Flash Memory: Flash File Systems.
4. Flash File Systems.
5. Methodology for Performance and Power Consumption Exploration of Flash File Systems.
6. Performance and Power Consumption of Dedicated File Systems: Experimental Results.

Part 3. Flash Translation Layers
7. Flash Translation Layer.
8. Methodology for the Evaluation of SSD Performance and Power Consumption.
9. Performance and Power Consumption of SSD Based Systems: Experimental Results.

Part 4. Emerging Non-volatile Memories
10. Emerging Non-volatile Memories.

About the authors/editors

Jalil Boukhobza is a lecturer at the University of Western Brittany, France in the Lab-STICC CNRS laboratory and a researcher at the b<>com Institute of Research and Technology. His research focuses on the integration and performance of storage systems.

Pierre Olivier is a postdoctoral researcher at Virginia Tech, USA. His research is focused on operating systems and storage performance as well as energy consumption.