Multiscale Biomechanics

Multiscale Biomechanics

Edited by

Jean-François Ganghoffer, University of Lorraine, Nancy, France

ISBN : 9781785482083

Publication Date : January 2018

Hardcover 582 pp

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Multiscale Biomechanics provides new insights on multiscale static and dynamic behavior of both soft and hard biological tissues, including bone, the intervertebral disk, biological membranes and tendons.

The different authors introduce the necessary physiological aspects of these living structures, before presenting micromechanical models to compute their overall mechanical response.

A modern account of tensor analysis, continuum mechanics, the mechanics of growing solid bodies, generalized continuum models to capture internal lengths scales, and dedicated homogenization methods is given in a first part to provide the reader with the necessary theoretical foundations. The second part covers various aspects of multiscale bone mechanics, and in the final part the mechanical response of soft biological tissues is investigated.

This book is intended for graduate students and researchers in biomechanics interested in the latest research developments, as well as those who wish to gain insight into the field of biomechanics.


Part 1. Theoretical Basis: Continuum Mechanics, Homogenization Methods, Thermodynamics of Growing Solid Bodies
1. Tensor Calculus, Jean-François Ganghoffer.
2. Continuum Mechanics, Jean-François Ganghoffer.
3. Constitutive Models of Soft and Hard Living Tissues, Jean-François Ganghoffer.
4. Discrete Homogenization of Network Materials, Jean-François Ganghoffer and Khaled El Nady.
5. Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Volumetric and Surface Growth, Jean-François Ganghoffer.

Part 2. Multiscale Bone Mechanics
6. Micropolar Models of Trabecular Bone, Jean-François Ganghoffer and Ibrahim Goda.
7. Size-Dependent Dynamic Behavior of Trabecular Bone, Jean-François Ganghoffer, Ibrahim Goda, Rachid Rahouadj.
8. Prediction of Size Effects in Bone Brittle and Plastic Collapse, Jean-François Ganghoffer and Ibrahim Goda.
9. Multiscale Aspects of Bone Internal and External Remodeling, Jean-François Ganghoffer and Ibrahim Goda.
10. Integrated Remodeling to Fatigue Damage Model of Bone, Jean-François Ganghoffer and Ibrahim Goda.

Part 3. Mechanics of Soft Biological Tissues: The Intervertebral Disk, Biological Networks, Ligaments and Tendons
11. Micromechanics of the Intervertebral Disk, Adrien Baldit.
12. Effective Mechanical Response of Biological Membranes, Khaled El Nady, Jean-François Ganghoffer and Ibrahim Goda.
13. Micromechanics of Ligaments and Tendons, Cédric Laurent.

About the authors/editors

Jean-François Ganghoffer is Professor at the University of Lorraine in Nancy, France, and researcher in LEM3, a research unit affiliated to CNRS. His main research topics concern the biomechanics of bone, homogenization methods for architectured materials, and the mechanics of generalized continua.