Thermal Properties Measurement of Materials

Thermal Properties Measurement of Materials

Yves Jannot, LEMTA, France
Alain Degiovanni, International University of Rabat, Morocco

ISBN : 9781786302557

Publication Date : January 2018

Hardcover 342 pp

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The control of energy in the industrial sector and the reduction of consumption in the building sector will be key elements in the energy transition. In order to achieve these objectives it is necessary to use, in the first case, materials with energy performance adapted to their use and, in the second case, insulators, or rather super-insulators. In both cases, a perfect knowledge of their thermal properties will be a requirement for optimal success.

This book enables the reader to choose the measurement method best suited to the material they are characterizing, and provides all of the information required in order to implement it with maximum precision.

This work is intended to be accessible to anyone who needs to measure the thermal properties of a material, regardless of whether they are a thermal engineer.


1. Modeling of Heat Transfer.
2. Tools and Methods for Thermal Characterization.
3. Steady-state Methods.
4. Flux/Temperature Transient Methods.
5. Transient Temperature/Temperature Methods.
6. Choice of an Adapted Method.
7. Analogies Between Different Transfers.

Appendix 1. Physical Properties of Some Materials.
Appendix 2. Physical Properties of Air and Water.
Appendix 3. Transfer Coefficients in Natural Convection.
Appendix 4. Main Integral Transformations: Laplace, Fourier and Hankel.
Appendix 5. Inverse Laplace Transformation.
Appendix 6.Value of the Function ERF.
Appendix 7. Quadrupole Matrices for Different Configurations.
Appendix 8. Bessel Equations and Functions.
Appendix 9. Influence of Radiation on Temperature Measurement.
Appendix 10. Case Study.

About the authors/editors

Yves Jannot is a CNRS research engineer at LEMTA in France.

Alain Degiovanni is Professor Emeritus at the University of Lorraine in France and Director of the Higher School of Energy Engineering (ECINE) of the International University of Rabat in Morocco.

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