The Coming Authoritarian Ecology

The Coming Authoritarian Ecology

Fabrice Flipo, Telecom Business School, France

ISBN : 9781786302427

Publication Date : May 2018

Hardcover 314 pp

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Where does political ecology lie on the left–right spectrum? What does it mean? Andrew Dobson indicated that the analyses of ecologism assign to it four possible positions: a new global order (symbolized by the Brundtland Report), a centralized authoritarianism (Garrett Hardin's “tragedy of the commons”), the authoritarian commune (for which Goldsmith is frequently the symbol) and an egalitarian and participatory anarchism.

This book questions the validity of this standpoint, by examining how ecologism confronts the other ideologies: liberalism, socialism and conservatism. Three conclusions emerge: the danger of an “ecofascism”, which risks having nothing to do with ecologism if the ecological stakes are not taken seriously; the contribution of ecologism to an emancipatory criticism of modernity, not to be confused with a retrograde anti-modernism; and the difficulty shown, by analysts and actors alike, to grasp this trend.


Part 1. The Situation in France
1. Exploring the Earth’s Hidden Face.
2. Who Are the Ecologists?

Part 2. An Active Minority against the Majorities
3. Liberal Skepticism.
4. Toward Eco-socialism?
5. From Centrism to Eco-fascism.

About the authors/editors

Fabrice Flipo is Professor of Philosophy of Science and Political Philosophy at Telecom Business School, France. He is a researcher at the Laboratory of Social and Political Change at the Paris 7 Diderot University, as well as the author of several books on political ecology and emancipation.

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