JavaScript and Open Data

JavaScript and Open Data

Robert Jeansoulin, IUT/University of Paris-Est-Marne-la-Vallée, France

ISBN : 9781786302045

Publication Date : June 2018

Hardcover 272 pp

145.00 USD



A browser, an Internet connection, and some time to spend taming the JavaScript language are all that is needed to reach out into the vast reservoir of data on the Web.

JavaScript and Open Data invites the reader on a tour of JavaScript with a focus on accessing and presenting data. The book details the features introduced by JavaScript standards since 2015. The first two parts, “Core JavaScript” and “Client-Side JavaScript”, review these features whilst the part on “Applications” introduces some of the basic skills of a “data scientist”.

Based upon ES6 and ES7, the latest standards, this JavaScript training will help the reader to explore, without any additional tools, the digital universe of the Web in the era of Big Data: a domain which anyone should be able to visit in their own way without hidden intermediaries.


Part 1. Core JavaScript
1. Variables: Declaration, Definition and Type.
2. Controls: Booleans, Branch and Loops.
3. Data: Numbers and Strings.
4. Objects and Prototypes.
5. Arrays.
6. Functions.
7. From Signs to Patterns.

Part 2. Client-Side JavaScript.
8. JavaScript in the Web Page.
9. Graphic and Multimedia Tools.
10. AJAX Technology (Asynchrony).

Part 3. Applications
11. Chronological Data.
12. Relational Data.
13. Cartographic Data.
14. Data Served by JSONP.

About the authors/editors

Robert Jeansoulin is Emeritus Director of Research at CNRS. His research focuses on artificial intelligence and geographical data from the point of view of quality and uncertainty. He currently teaches JavaScript at IUT/University of Paris-Est-Marne-la-Vallée (UPEM) in France.

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