Digital Information Ecosystems

Smart Press

Digital Information Ecosystems

Dominique Augey, Aix Marseille University, France
with the collaboration of
Marina Alcaraz, Les Échos

ISBN : 9781786304148

Publication Date : February 2019

Hardcover 238 pp

135.00 USD



Digital information, particularly for online newsgathering and reporting, is an industry fraught with uncertainty and rapid innovation. Digital Information Ecosystems: Smart Press crosses academic knowledge with research by media groups to understand this evolution and analyze the future of the sector, including the imminent employment of bots and artificial intelligence.

The book adopts an original and multidisciplinary approach to this topic: combining the science of media economics with the experience of a practicing journalist of a major daily newspaper. The result is an essential guide to the opportunities of the media to respond to a changing global digital landscape.

Independent news reporting is vital in the contemporary democracy; the media must itself become a new “smart press”.


1. How Do the Economy and the Press Influence Each Other?
2. Can We Trust the Press?
3. What are the Links between the Press and Politics?
4. Does the Press Need Advertisers?
5. Is the Printed Newspaper Gamble Crazy?
6. Are There Dangerous Links between Media and Social Networks?
7. Will Fake News Kill Information?
8. Are Robots and AI the Future of the Media?

About the authors/editors

Dominique Augey is a senior researcher at Aix Marseille School of Economics (AMSE) and associate researcher at the media law and social change laboratory (LID2MS). She is Professor at Aix Marseille University (AMU), France, and director of a professional Master of Journalism and Communication within the prestigious Aix-en-Provence School of Law.

with the collaboration of
Marina Alcaraz is a journalist for Les Échos, a major French financial daily newspaper. After several years spent analyzing financial markets, she covers media strategy, evolution of the media and changes related to technologies and social networks. She is also the author of a book on editorial techniques.