From Deep Sea to Laboratory 3

From Tait's Work on the Compressibility of Seawater to Equations-of-State for Liquids

From Deep Sea to Laboratory 3

Frédéric Aitken, CNRS – Grenoble Electrical Engineering Laboratory, France
Jean-Numa Foulc, Grenoble Alpes University, France

ISBN : 9781786303769

Publication Date : October 2019

Hardcover 370 pp

165.00 USD



The scientific expedition of H.M.S. Challenger in the 1870s marks the starting point of physical oceanography. This ship traveled the seas of the globe pursuing a dual objective: to conduct an in-depth study of animal life and to observe the physical properties of ocean waters.

Volume 3 focuses on measurements and modeling of liquid compressibility. Based on the work initiated by the physicist Peter Tait, a detailed presentation of liquid equations-of-state is proposed. The physical interpretation of the parameters of these equations is discussed, leading to a description of the "structure" of liquid media.

From Deep Sea to Laboratory is available in three volumes for curious readers drawn to travel, history and science. Students, researchers and teachers of physics, fluid mechanics and oceanography will find material to deepen their knowledge.


1. The Compressibility of Liquids and Tait’s Equation-of-State.
2. Interpretations of the Parameters of Tait’s Equation.
3. Tait–Tammann–Gibson Equations-of-State.
4. The Modified Tait Equation.

About the authors/editors

Frédéric Aitken is a CNRS researcher who has previously worked at the Electrostatics and Dielectric Materials Laboratory (LEMD) and is currently working at the Grenoble Electrical Engineering Laboratory (G2Elab). He is the former President of the Alps section of the French Society of Physics.

Jean-Numa Foulc is Honorary Professor at Grenoble Alpes University in France. He has had successive positions as an Assistant Professor and then Professor at the Universities of Rouen, Montpellier and Grenoble (Polytech Grenoble). He is currently a researcher at G2Elab.

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