Climatic Impact of Activities

Methodological Guide for Analysis and Action

Climatic Impact of Activities

Jean-Yves Rossignol, Consultant, France

ISBN : 9781786305121

Publication Date : January 2020

Hardcover 240 pp

135.00 USD



Where the environment is concerned, regardless of scale, the logic of the Native American hummingbird which “does its part” should prevail. To act independently of others is indeed the sine qua non of the global shift towards a regenerative economy of humanity and ecosystems, expurgating the pervading pollution (particularly from oil use). Small- and medium-sized enterprises, which this book especially targets, do not need disproportionately-sized study facilities in order to reduce their impact on global warming.

Climatic Impact of Activities provides valuable methodological and practical support for establishing a complete and reliable diagnosis of the greenhouse effect, and for planning the corresponding corrective actions. This book guides the reader step by step in developing an informed emissions assessment with realistic and advanced case studies, in full compliance with official methodological recommendations.


1. Overview of the Scientific Basis for the Greenhouse Effect and Geocycles.
2. General Methodology for Quantification of a Climate Footprint.
3. Quantification of the Climate Footprint of an Organization: Methodology of the Balance of missions.
4. Calculation of Emissions.
5. Results Analysis.
6. Case Studies.

About the authors/editors

Jean-Yves Rossignol is an eco-engineer and interdisciplinary mediator. He pursues an ethical project through consulting and education with all types of organizations, and trains and assists companies in relation to the issue of climate.

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