Metaheuristics for Robotics

Volume 2 - Optimization Heuristics SET Coordinated by Nicolas Monmarché and Patrick Siarry

Metaheuristics for Robotics

Hamouche Oulhadj, University of Paris-Est Créteil, France
Boubaker Daachi, University of Paris 8, France
Riad Menasri, Assystem Technologies, France

ISBN : 9781786303806

Publication Date : February 2020

Hardcover 184 pp

120.00 USD



This book is dedicated to the application of metaheuristic optimization in trajectory generation and control issues in robotics. In this area, as in other fields of application, the algorithmic tools addressed do not require a comprehensive list of eligible solutions to effectively solve an optimization problem. This book investigates how, by reformulating the problems to be solved, it is possible to obtain results by means of metaheuristics.

Through concrete examples and case studies – particularly related to robotics – this book outlines the essentials of what is needed to reformulate control laws into concrete optimization data.

The resolution approaches implemented – as well as the results obtained – are described in detail, in order to give, as much as possible, an idea of metaheuristics and their performance within the context of their application to robotics.


1. Optimization: Theoretical.
2. Metaheuristics for Robotics.
3. Metaheuristics for Constrained and Unconstrained Trajectory Planning.
4. Metaheuristics for Trajectory Generation by Polynomial Interpolation.
5. Particle Swarm Optimization for Exoskeleton Control.

About the authors/editors

Hamouche Oulhadj is an Associate Professor at the University of Paris-Est Créteil, France. He is an Engineer in Electrical Engineering and has a PhD in Biomedical Engineering. His main research interests are in optimization, pattern recognition and image processing.

Boubaker Daachi is a Full Professor in Computer Science at the University of Paris 8, France. He is an Engineer in Computer Science and has a PhD in Robotics. His main research interests are in brain computer interfaces, biometrics, neurofeedback and robotics.

Riad Menasri is a Development Engineer at Assystem Technologies, France. Holding a Master’s degree in Advanced Systems and Robotics and a PhD in Robotics, his main research interests are in optimization and trajectory planning for robotics applications.

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