Internet of Augmented Me, I.AM

Empowering Innovation for a New Sustainable Future

Internet of Augmented Me, I.AM

Patrick Duvaut, IMT, France
Xavier Dalloz, Xavier Dalloz Consulting, France
David Menga, EDF Lab Paris-Saclay, France
François Koehl, Mazars, France
Vidal Chriqui, Consutant
Joerg Brill, Airbus Defense and Space, Germany

ISBN : 9781786305084

Publication Date : December 2020

Hardcover 238 pp

165.00 USD



I.AM catalyzes the “convergence for good” of the biological, physical and digital worlds, helping us to better tackle the toughest challenges of the 2020s: climate change, resource depletion, an aging population, social inclusion, the empowerment of people, health crises and the post-pandemic world, as well as new issues emerging in relation to economical, societal and everyday life.

This book dives into disruptive concepts of I.AM such as: Trust as a Service, Business as a Game, ATAWAD (AnyTime, AnyWhere, Any Device), PCE (Productivity of Collaborative Exchange), Unimedia, Shazamization of everything, decentralization of everything, BOTization and Build to Order for Me, Blockchain and Empowerment of Me, edge computing, augmented industry, augmentation value chain and empowering innovation, etc.

The fluid, easy-to-read style of this book targets the broadest scope of readers, from purpose-driven and business-oriented individuals, to students, researchers, experts, innovators, consultants, managers and politicians, all eager to empower people to work towards a more sustainable future.


1. With the Internet of Augmented Me, a New Wave of Innovation is Coming, Which Will Change Everything.
2. The Patterns of the Internet of Augmented Me.
3. Edge Computing for Processing and Connectivity in the World of Internet of Augmented Me.
4. Blockchain for New Flows of Value and the Empowerment of Me.
5. Internet of Augmented Industry.
6. The “AugmentChain”: Sustainable Augmentation Value Chain for Intangible Assets.

About the authors/editors

Patrick Duvaut is Head of Innovation at IMT France. He has more than 20 years of international experience (in the USA, Japan, India, China and France) as Head of Innovation for Public and Private Organizations worldwide and he owns 70 patents.

Xavier Dalloz is Head of the Xavier Dalloz Consulting firm and leads the CES French Mission. He has over 30 years of experience in strategic consulting on the use of new technologies in businesses for competitive advantages.

David Menga is a research engineer at EDF Lab Paris-Saclay. He designs services for smart homes and smart buildings. He is an expert in embedded systems, AI, blockchain and the impact of technologies in everyday life.

François Koehl created and developed a strategy and management consulting firm, working there for 17 years before integrating it into one of the large French Audit firms, Mazars. In 2019, he joined Tasmane to focus on strategies in a digital world.

Vidal Chriqui is the inventor of BTU Protocol, the first peer-to-peer booking and transaction protocol. It empowers businesses to engage directly with consumers, thus allowing them to take back control of their physical and digital distribution.

Joerg Brill is Head of Plants and AIT Spacecraft at Airbus Defense and Space. He is responsible for the Pre-FALs, aero- and space structures production and MAIT (Manufacturing, Assembly, Integration and Test) of space systems.

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