Educational Studies in the Light of the Feminine

Empowerment and Transformation

Volume 6 - Education SET Coordinated by Angela Barthes and Anne-Laure Le Guern

Educational Studies in the Light of the Feminine

Christine Bouissou-Bénavail, University of Paris VIII, France

ISBN : 9781786305718

Publication Date : December 2020

Hardcover 252 pp

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Educational Studies in the Light of the Feminine analyzes a professional trajectory in which engagement in research is a driving force for development, psychosocial integration and socio-professional commitment.

This book promotes the emergence of an ethical and resilient subjectivity and introduces the hypothesis of an operative principle of the feminine as added value to collective intelligence, through a diachronic and diatopic vision of girls and women.

By analyzing concrete examples, this book explores the evolution of higher education contexts, frameworks and governance, along with their consequences in terms of the transformation and innovation of educational practice. The challenge is to question the subsidiarity, discernment and development of autonomy in changing professional contexts and to share an interest in the emerging psychological dynamics.

This book invites us to reconsider intervention methods, temporalities and frames of reference, as well as their subjective and epistemic economies, as potentialities of education, training and empowerment for a diverse population.


1. Towards Developmental Psychodynamics.
2. Governance and Transformation.
3. Women: Lines of Research in Development.

About the authors/editors

Christine Bouissou-Bénavail is a teacher-researcher in Education Sciences and Psychology at the University of Paris VIII in France. Involved in higher education supervision and change management, she is interested in the place of women in development issues.