Platform and Collective Intelligence

Digital Ecosystem of Organizations

Platform and Collective Intelligence

Antoine Henry, University of Lille, France

ISBN : 9781786304926

Publication Date : March 2021

Hardcover 164 pp

165.00 USD



Organizations, both private and public, are now evolving in a globalized “information society” that has been accelerated by digitization. They find themselves drawn into a spiral of transformations fueled by the incessant reinvention of information and communication technologies (ICT) that are changing digital uses and practices. They transform through the mediating action of ICTs, work activities and associated action situations.

Platform and Collective Intelligence analyzes a specific declination of an organization that has become irreversibly reticular: the “platform organization”. The network, at the heart of this new conception, proposes a model combining cybernetics and computing. The organization can thus be seen as an interface for contact, via its information systems, for employees or citizens, whatever their geographical location.

With a view going beyond technocentrism and technological determinism, this book combines collective intelligence and sociotechnics with the platform to arrive at the notion of “organizational experience”.


1. Organizations and Digital Technology.
2. The Platform Organization.
3. Sociotechnical Instrumentation of Collective Intelligence.
4. Organization Experience.

About the authors/editors

Antoine Henry is a lecturer at the University of Lille, France, a researcher at the GERiiCO laboratory and a member of the GDR of the Centre Internet et Société (CNRS). He completed his PhD in information and communication sciences.