Optimizations and Programming

Linear, Non-linear, Dynamic, Stochastic and Applications with Matlab

Volume 1 - Digital Science SET Coordinated by Abdelkhalak El Hami

Optimizations and Programming

Bouchaïb Radi, Hassan Premier University, Morocco
Abdelkhalak El Hami, INSA-Rouen- Normandie, France

ISBN : 9781848219533

Publication Date : March 2021

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Optimization is a rapidly growing field, due to demand in meeting the growing needs of the economic and industrial sectors (maximizing performance, minimizing costs), but also thanks to the considerable increase in computing power. The use of simulation software provides companies with a significant strategic advantage by enabling them to reduce their costs (production, purchasing and logistics) and ensure more efficient development of their solutions.

This book focuses on different methods, both basic and advanced, for solving linear and non-linear optimization problems and comprises two parts. The first presents operational research tools such as linear, integer, dynamic and stochastic programming. The second part deals with combinatorial, constrained and unconstrained optimization. Each chapter highlights the main points of the different methods and presents several applications within the field of engineering, as well as applications in Matlab.

Optimizations and Programming is intended for engineering students, as well as being a valuable resource for working engineers and teacher-researchers. It includes detailed examples and showcases the best-performing digital optimization tools.


Part1. Programmation
1. Linear Programming.
2. Integer Programming.
3. DynamicProgramming.
4. Stochastic Programming.

Part 2. Optimization
5. Combinatorial Optimization.
6. Unconstrained Nonlinear Programming.
7. Constrained Nonlinear Optimization.

About the authors/editors

Bouchaïb Radi is Professor at the Faculty of Science and Technology at Hassan Premier University, Morocco. He is a specialist in numerical optimization methods and system reliability.

Abdelkhalak El Hami is Full Professor of Universities at INSA-Rouen- Normandie, France. He is the author/co-author of several books and is responsible for the Chair of mechanics at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers in Normandy, as well as for several European pedagogical projects. He is a specialist in problems of optimization and reliability in multi-physical systems.