Systematics and the Exploration of Life

Systematics and the Exploration of Life

Edited by

Philippe Grandcolas, CNRS, France
Marie-Christine Maurel, Sorbonne University, France

ISBN : 9781786302656

Publication Date : June 2021

Hardcover 240 pp

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Life has countless facets that are taken into account by the concept of biological diversity (biodiversity). Focusing only on those general mechanisms or processes, common to a large number of species, conveys reductionist thinking and makes it impossible to answer questions on evolution, adaptation and environmental changes.

It is therefore necessary to reinvest in thinking about diversity in biology, and to understand that comparative biology and systematics offer key insights for interpreting the origin and function of each mechanism. Moreover, comparing organisms in order to understand their evolution and functioning requires us to explore ecosystems and biomes, extending our knowledge and improving the description of life diversity.

Systematics and the Exploration of Life demonstrates that we need to explore and discover the many living things that are still unknown; whose knowledge is indispensable when confronted with the current major environmental crises.


1. Symmetry of Shapes in Biology: from D’Arcy Thompson to Morphometrics, Sylvain Gerber and Yoland Savriama.
2. Impact of a Point Mutation in a Protein Structure, Mathilde Carpentier and Jacques Chomilier.
3. The Role of Taxonomy and Natural History in the Study of the Evolution of Eneopterinae Crickets, Tony Robillard.
4. Systematics in the (Post)genomic Era: A Look at the Drosophila Model, Amir Yassin.
5. Dealing with Multiple Environments: The Challenges of the Trypanosome Life cycle, Estefanía Calvo Alvarez and Philippe Bastin.
6. Challenges Inherent in the Systematics and Taxonomy of Genera that have Recently Experienced Explosive Radiation: The Case of Orchids of the Genus Ophrys, Joris Bertrand, Michel Baguette, Nina Joffard and Bertrand Schatz.
7. Exploration and Origins of Biodiversity in Madagascar: The Message of Ferns, Germinal Rouhan and Myriam Gaudeul.
8. Mediterranean and Atlantic Algae, a Fraternal Relationship?, Line Le Gall, Delphine Gey and Florence Rousseau.
9. Ontogeny and Evolution of the Hyperorgan of Delphinieae, Florian Jabbour, Julie Zalko, Antoine Morel, Samuel Frachon and Isabelle Bouchart-Dufay.
10. Identification of Interspecific Chromosomal Homologies: Chromosomal Microdissection and Chromosomal Painting in Antarctic Teleosts Nototheniidae, Juliette Auvinet, Agnès Dettaï, Olivier Coriton, Catherine Ozouf-Costaz and Dominique Higuet.

About the authors/editors

Philippe Grandcolas is Senior Research Scientist at the CNRS and Director of the Institute of Systematics, Evolution, Biodiversity, France.

Marie-Christine Maurel is Professor at Sorbonne University and Researcher at the Institute of Systematics, Evolution, Biodiversity, France.

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