Photovoltaism, Agriculture and Ecology

From Agrivoltaism to Ecovoltaism

Photovoltaism, Agriculture and Ecology

Claude Grison, CNRS - National Academy of Pharmacy, France
Lucie Cases, CNRS - ChimEco laboratory, France
Mailys Le Moigne, Purpan School, France
Martine Hossaert-McKey, CNRS - ChimEco laboratory, France

ISBN : 9781786307200

Publication Date : January 2022

Hardcover 162 pp

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One of the challenges of our modern society is to successfully reconcile growing energy demand, demographic and food pressure and ecological and environmental urgency.

This book offers an update on a rapidly evolving subject, that of modern photovoltaic systems capable of combining the needs of energy and ecological transition.
Although photovoltaic solar energy is a well-proven technical solution in terms of energy, its development can compete with agricultural land or natural sites. New solutions are emerging: the installation of photovoltaic parks on industrial wasteland; agrivoltaics, which reconcile agricultural activity and energy production on the same surface; and ecovoltaics, which make it possible to make use of the unused surfaces under solar panels by developing ecological solutions capable of providing services to nature.

These innovations are part of the response to the need to preserve terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, halt the decline in animal and plant biodiversity and participate in the development of a new mode of sustainable development and green economy.


1. Photovoltaics: Concepts and Challenges.
2. Photovoltaic Energy Production and Agricultural Activity:Agrivoltaics.
3. Innovative Principle of Ecovoltaics.

About the authors/editors

Claude Grison is a research director at the CNRS and a national corresponding member of the National Academy of Pharmacy. She is the originator of a new concept, that of ecological chemistry.

Lucie Cases is a chemical engineer at the CNRS in the ChimEco laboratory. A graduate of the National School of Chemistry in Montpellier, she specializes in sustainable chemistry.

Mailys Le Moigne is a student engineer at the Purpan School, Toulouse, specializing in agriculture, agri-food and the environment.

Martine Hossaert-McKey is an emeritus research director at the CNRS in the ChimEco laboratory and at the CEFE in Montpellier. She is also in charge of Biodiversity and Overseas Missions for the CNRS.

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