Martingales and Financial Mathematics in Discrete Time

Martingales and Financial Mathematics in Discrete Time

Benoîte de Saporta, University of Montpellier, France
Mounir Zili, University of Monastir, Tunisia

ISBN : 9781786306692

Publication Date : January 2022

Hardcover 228 pp

165.00 USD



This book is entirely devoted to discrete time and provides a detailed introduction to the construction of the rigorous mathematical tools required for the evaluation of options in financial markets. Both theoretical and practical aspects are explored through multiple examples and exercises, for which complete solutions are provided. Particular attention is paid to the Cox, Ross and Rubinstein model in discrete time.

The book offers a combination of mathematical teaching and numerous exercises for wide appeal. It is a useful reference for students at the master’s or doctoral level who are specializing in applied mathematics or finance as well as teachers, researchers in the field of economics or actuarial science, or professionals working in the various financial sectors. Martingales and Financial Mathematics in Discrete Time is also for anyone who may be interested in a rigorous and accessible mathematical construction of the tools and concepts used in financial mathematics, or in the application of the martingale theory in finance.


1. Elementary Probabilities and an Introduction to Stochastic Processes.
2. Conditional Expectation.
3. Random Walks.
4. Martingales.
5. Financial Markets.
6. European Options.
7. American Options.
8. Solutions to Exercises and Practical Work.

About the authors/editors

Benoîte de Saporta is Professor of applied mathematics at the University of Montpellier, France.

Mounir Zili is Professor of mathematics and member of the scientific council within the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Monastir, Tunisia.

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