Innovation and Export

The Joint Challenge of the Small Company

Volume 37 - Smart Innovation SET Coordinated by Dimitri Uzunidis

Innovation and Export

Manon Enjolras, ERPI laboratory - Université de Lorraine, France

ISBN : 9781786306203

Publication Date : January 2022

Hardcover 192 pp

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The concepts of innovation and export are traditionally considered in isolation, both within companies and within the support organizations dedicated to them. As a result, within this broad research field, very little academic work has focused on how to implement their relationship at an operational level. This book proposes a joint diagnostic tool for SMEs, highlighting good practices to be mastered in order to simultaneously improve innovation and export performance, in the form of a virtuous circle.

Innovation and Export focuses on the integration of innovation and export into the strategic management of SMEs, for which the use of synergies is a powerful lever to overcome any difficulties in mobilizing significant resources.


Part 1. The Relationship between Innovation and Export inSMEs
1. The Innovation–Export Relationship: A Complex Vision.
2. Joint Innovation–Export Best Practices.

Part 2. PE2I, or How to Model Synergies
3. Design of a Joint Diagnosis Dedicated to SMEs: The PE2I.
4. Implementation of the PE2I: Test with French SMEs.
5. Feedback on the PE2I Tool.

About the authors/editors

Manon Enjolras is Assistant Professor at the ERPI laboratory (Université de Lorraine, France). She works on metrology of innovation processes and the application of multi-criteria analysis methodologies for the design of decision support tools for enterprises.