Diagnosis and Fault-tolerant Control 2

From Fault Diagnosis to Fault-tolerant Control

SCIENCES - Systems and Industrial Engineering

Diagnosis and Fault-tolerant Control 2

Edited by

Vicenç Puig, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Spain
Silvio Simani, Ferrara University, Italy

ISBN : 9781789450590

Publication Date : January 2022

Hardcover 282 pp

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This book presents recent advances in fault diagnosis and fault-tolerant control of dynamic processes. Its impetus derives from the need for an overview of the challenges of the fault diagnosis technique and sustainable control, especially for those demanding systems that require reliability, availability, maintainability, and safety to ensure efficient operations. Moreover, the need for a high degree of tolerance with respect to possible faults represents a further key point, primarily for complex systems, as modeling and control are inherently challenging, and maintenance is both expensive and safety-critical.

Diagnosis and Fault-tolerant Control 2 also presents and compares different fault diagnosis and fault-tolerant schemes, using well established, innovative strategies for modeling the behavior of the dynamic process under investigation. An updated treatise of diagnosis and fault-tolerant control is addressed with the use of essential and advanced methods including signal-based, model-based and data-driven techniques. Another key feature is the application of these methods for dealing with robustness and reliability.


1. Nonlinear Methods for Fault Diagnosis, Silvio Simani and Paolo Castaldi.
2. Linear Parameter Varying Methods, Mickael Rodrigues, Habib Hamdi and Didier TheIlliol.
3. Fuzzy and Neural Network Approaches, Marcin Witczak, Marcin Pazera, Norbert KukuRowski and Marcin Mrugalski.
4. Model Predictive Control Methods, Krzysztof Patan.
5. Nonlinear Modeling for Fault-tolerant Control, Silvio Simani and Paolo Castaldi.
6. Virtual Sensors and Actuators, Damiano Rotondo and Vicenç Puig.
7. Conclusions, Vicenç Puig and Silvio Simani.
8. Open Research Issues, Vicenç Puig and Silvio Simani.

About the authors/editors

Vicenç Puig is Professor of Automatic Control at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Spain. He has published more than 80 journal articles and more than 350 articles in international conference/workshop proceedings related to diagnosis and fault-tolerant control.

Silvio Simani is Professor of Automatic Control in the Engineering Department of Ferrara University, Italy. He has published about 260 journal and conference papers, several book chapters and four monographs on fault diagnosis and sustainable control topics.