Constitutive Modeling of Soils and Rocks

Constitutive Modeling of Soils and Rocks

Edited by

Pierre-Yves Hicher, Ecole Centrale of Nantes, France
Jian-Fu Shao, University of Science and Technology, Lille, France

ISBN : 9781848210202

Publication Date : April 2008

Hardcover 456 pp

250 USD



This title provides a comprehensive overview of elastoplasticity relating to soil and rocks. The first half of the book addresses the elastoplasticity of soft soils and rocks, while the second half examines that of hard soils and rocks.

Following a general outline of models of their mechanical behavior and their internal structure, each chapter addresses a specific area of this subject. Written by leading experts in the field, the topics combine each author's particular expertise to deliver a comprehensive treatment of the subject, which is of critical importance to civil and mechanical engineers and geologists, especially those concerned with planning and designing foundations, or with all aspects of geological movement.


1. The Mainclasses of Constitutive Relations, F. Darve.
2. Mechanisms of Soils Deformation, J. Biarez and P.-Y. Hicher.
3. Elastoplastic Modeling of Soils: Monotonous Loading, P. Mestat.
4. Elastoplastic Modeling of Soils: Cyclic Loading, B. Cambou and P.-Y. Hicher.
5. Elastoplastic Behavior of Ductile Porous Rocks, J.F. Shao and S. Homand.
6. Incremental Constitutive Relations for Soils, R. Chambon, F. Darve and F. Laouafa.
7. Viscoplastic Behavior of Soils, P.-Y. Hicher and I. Shahrour.
8. Damage Modeling of Rock Materials, A. Dragon.
9. Multiscale Modeling of Anisotropic Unilateral Damage in Quasi-brittle Geomaterials: Formulation and Numerical Applications, D. Kondo, F. Homand and D. Hoxha.
10. Poromechanical Behavior of Saturated Cohesive Rocks, J.F. Shao and A. Giraud.
11. Parameter Identification, P.-Y. Hicher and J.F. Shao.

About the authors/editors

Pierre-Yves Hicher lectures at L'Ecole Centrale, Nantes, France.

Jian-Fu Shao is a Professor at the University of Science and Technology, Lille, France.