Demographic Dynamics and Development

SCIENCES - Geography and Demography

Demographic Dynamics and Development

Edited by

Yves Charbit, University of Paris, France

ISBN : 9781789450507

Publication Date : April 2022

Hardcover 272 pp

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One of the major challenges facing the world today is the interaction between demographic change and development. Demographic Dynamics and Development reviews the dominant demographic theory, demographic transition, and then presents a thorough investigation covering aging, fertility, contraception, nuptiality, mortality and migration, which are all aspects that drive these changes. Each chapter combines the latest empirical data with theoretical reflections on the implications for development.

This book thus offers an overview of worldwide demographic data, studied with a view towards development. In doing so, it provides researchers and specialists with clear information through in-depth case studies, focusing on a country, a region or a particularly important scientific sub-theme.


1. The Demographic Transition, Maria Eugenia Cosio Zavala.
2. Demographic Dividend and Dependency Ratios, Vincent Turbat.
3. From the Demographic Dividend to Generational Economics, Latif Dramani.
4. Fertility and Nuptiality, Yves Charbit.
5. Contraception and Reproductive Rights, Aisha Dasgupta.
6. Mortality and Health, the Factors Involved in Population Dynamics, Maryse Gaimard.
7. Dynamics of Migration History in Western Europe, Leslie Page Moch.
8. Current International Migrations, Serge Feld.
9. Aging, Frédéric Sandron.

About the authors/editors

Yves Charbit is Emeritus Professor of Demography at the University of Paris, France, and Research Associate at Oxford University, United Kingdom. A specialist in population and development issues in Africa, his research has covered such topics as fertility, the family, international migration, education and inequality.