Population and Development Issues

SCIENCES - Geography and Demography

Population and Development Issues

Edited by

Yves Charbit, University of Paris, France

ISBN : 9781789450514

Publication Date : July 2022

Hardcover 312 pp

165.00 USD



One of the major challenges facing the world today is the interaction between demographic changes and development. Rather than the usual view that the population itself is the main problem, Population and Development Issues argues that it is just one factor among many others, such as poverty, illiteracy, poor health, unemployment, the condition of women and climate change.

This book analyzes the relationships between the key demographic variables (fertility, morbidity and mortality, migration, etc.) and major development issues, notably education, employment, health, gender, social and geographical inequalities and climate concerns. Bringing together contributions from specialists across every field, it presents empirical data simply and clearly alongside theoretical reflections.


1. The Precursors: The Mercantilists, Malthus, Marx, Yves Charbit.
2. Education, Population and Development, Nicole Bella and Yves Charbit.
3. Employment and the Informal Economy, Jacques Charmes.
4. Gender Inequalities, Serge Rabier.
5. Sex Selection: Public Policies to Balance the Scales?, Christophe Z. Guilmoto and Laura Rahm.
6. Poverty and Inequalities, Yves Charbit, Mustapha Omrane and Zakari Oumarou.
7. Mental Health: An Underestimated Development Issue, Véronique Petit.
8. Migration Remittances and Development, Serge Feld.
9. Climate Change and Demography, Sabine Henry.
10. Population Policies, John F. May.

About the authors/editors

Yves Charbit is Emeritus Professor of Demography at the University of Paris, France, and Associate Senior Research Fellow at Oxford University, United Kingdom. A specialist in population and development issues in Africa, his research has covered such topics as fertility, the family, international migration, education and inequality.