Preparation, Characterization and Modeling

SCIENCES - Mechanics


Edited by

Jinbo Bai, CNRS, France

ISBN : 9781789450316

Publication Date : July 2022

Hardcover 260 pp

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Nanocomposites are one of the major advances in the field of materials. They have applications in sectors as varied as aeronautics, energy and the environment. However, the effective use of nanocomposites requires new knowledge and tools in order to overcome the difficulties and benefit from the advantages.

Nanocomposites presents recent academic and industrial progress in this field, as well as the latest research on the effective use of nanoscale fillers and reinforcements to improve the performance of advanced nanocomposites. It also describes the techniques and tools used to prepare nanocomposites, including the latest techniques for synthesis and surface treatment of nanofillers for different applications. Finally, it details the role of nanoscience in the design, characterization and multi-scale modeling of these materials, with a focus on nanoscale phenomena.


1. Graphite and Graphene Nanoplatelets (GNP) Filled Polymer Matrix Nanocomposites, Marc Ponçot, Adrien Letoffe, Stéphane Cuynet, Sébastien Fontana and Lucie Speyer.
2. Morphological Characterization Techniques for Nano-Reinforced Polymers, Adoté Sitou Blivi, Benhui Fan, Djimédo Kondo and Fahmi Bedoui.
3. Size Effects on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Nano-Reinforced Polymers, Fahmi Bedoui, Adoté Sitou Blivi, Benhui Fan and Djimédo Kondo.
4. Effects of the Size and Nature of Fillers on the Thermal and Mechanical Properties of PEEK Matrix Composites, Marie Doumeng, Karl Delbé, Florentin Berthet, Olivier Marsan, Jean Denape and France Chabert.
5. Study of Interface and Interphase between Epoxy Matrix and Carbon-based Nanofillers in Nanocomposites, Yu Liu, Delong He, Ann-Lenaig Hamon and Jinbo Bai.
6. Multiscale Modeling of Graphene-polymer Nanocomposites with Tunneling Effect, Xiaoxin Lu, Julien Yvonnet, Fabrice Detrez and Jinbo Bai.
7. Computational Modeling of Carbon Nanofiller Networks in Polymer Composites, Angel Mora.
8. Electrostrictive Polymer Nanocomposites: Fundamental and Applications, Shenghong Yao and Jinkai Yuan.

About the authors/editors

Jinbo Bai is research director at CNRS and coordinator of the GDR Polynano phases I & II. His research focuses on the synthesis, development, processing, characterization and multi-scale modeling of multifunctional nano- and micro-composite materials.

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