Intelligent Security Management and Control in the IoT

SCIENCES - Networks and Communications

Intelligent Security Management and Control in the IoT

Edited by

Mohamed-Aymen Chalouf, University of Rennes 1 (IUT Lannion), France

ISBN : 9781789450538

Publication Date : July 2022

Hardcover 310 pp

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The Internet of Things (IoT) has contributed greatly to the growth of data traffic on the Internet. Access technologies and object constraints associated with the IoT can cause performance and security problems. This relates to important challenges such as the control of radio communications and network access, the management of service quality and energy consumption, and the implementation of security mechanisms dedicated to the IoT.

In response to these issues, this book presents new solutions for the management and control of performance and security in the IoT. The originality of these proposals lies mainly in the use of intelligent techniques. This notion of intelligence allows, among other things, the support of object heterogeneity and limited capacities as well as the vast dynamics characterizing the IoT.


1. Multicriteria Selection of Transmission Parameters in the IoT, Sinda Boussen, Mohamed-Aymen Chalouf and Francine Krief.
2. Using Reinforcement Learning to Manage Massive Access in NB-IoT Networks, Yassine Hadjadj-AOUL and Soraya Aait-Chellouche.
3. Optimizing Performances in the IoT: An Approach Based on Intelligent Radio, Badr Benmammar.
4. Optimizing the Energy Consumption of IoT Devices, Ahmad Khalil, Nader Mbarek and Olivier Togni.
5. Toward Intelligent Management of Service Quality in the IoT: The Case of a Low Rate WPAN, Guillaume Le Gall, Georgios Z. Papadopoulos, Mohamed-Aymen Chalouf and Olivier Togni.
6. Adapting Quality of Service of Energy-Harvesting IoT Devices, Matthieu Gautier and Olivier Berder.
7. Adapting Access Control for IoT Security, Ahmad Khalil, Nader Mbarek and Olivier Togni.
8. The Contributions of Biometrics and Artificial Intelligence in Securing the IoT, Amal Sammoud, Omessaad Hamdi, Mohamed-Aymen Chalouf and Nicolas Montavont.
9. Dynamic Identity and Access Management in the IoT: Blockchain-based Approach, Léo Mendiboure, Mohamed-Aymen Chalouf and Francine Krief.
10. Adapting the Security Level of IoT Applications, Tidiane Sylla, Mohamed-Aymen Chalouf and Francine Krief.
11. Moving Target Defense Techniques for the IoT, Renzo E. Navas, Laurent Toutain and Georgios Z. Papadopoulos.

About the authors/editors

Mohamed-Aymen Chalouf is Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Rennes 1 (IUT Lannion), France. He is also a member of the OCIF team (Communicating Objects for the Internet of the Future) at IRISA Laboratory.

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