Research Data Sharing and Valorization

Developments, Tendencies, Models

SCIENCES - Transformation Dynamics of Tools and Practices

Research Data Sharing and Valorization

Edited by

Joachim Schöpfel, University of Lille, France
Violaine Rebouillat, University Lyon 1, France

ISBN : 9781789450736

Publication Date : September 2022

Hardcover 272 pp

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As platforms for sharing, re-using and storing data, research data repositories are integral to open science policy. This book provides a comprehensive approach to these data repositories, their functionalities, uses, issues and prospects. Taking France as an example, the current landscape of data repositories is considered, including discussion of the idea of a national repository and a comparative study of several national systems. The international re3data directory is outlined and a collection of six case studies of model repositories, both public and private, are detailed (CDS, Data INRAE, SEANOE, Nakala, Figshare and Data Mendeley).

Research Data Sharing and Valorization also includes appendices containing a number of websites and reference texts from the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, and the CNRS. To the authors’ knowledge, it is the first book to be entirely devoted to these new platforms and is aimed at researchers, teachers, students and professionals working with scientific and technical data and information.


1. The Research Data Repository Facility, Violaine Rebouillat and Joachim Schöpfel.
2. The Landscape of Research Data Repositories, Joachim Schöpfel.
3. The International Community: The Strasbourg Astronomical Data Centre (CDS), Françoise Genova and Mark G. Allen.
4. Data INRAE - The Networked Repository, Esther Dzalé Yeumo.
5. SEANOE - A Themanic Repository, Frédéric Merceur, Loic Petit de la Villeon and Sybille Van Iseghem.
6. Nakala - A data Publishing Service, Stéphane Pouyllau.
7. The National Repository Option, Louki-Géronimo Richou and Joachim Schöpfel.
8. Comparative Study of National Research Services, Hugo Catherine.
9. Mendeley Data, Wouter Haak, Juan Garcia Morgado, Jennifer Rutter, Alberto Zigoni and David Trucker.
10. Figshare - A Place Where Open Academic, Mark Hahnel.
11. Community-Driven Open Reference for Research Data Repositories (COREF) - A project for Further Development of re3data, Nina Weisweiler and Gabriele Kloska.
12. Issues and Prospects for Research Data Repositories, Joachim Schöpfel.

About the authors/editors

Joachim Schöpfel is an associate professor in information and communication sciences at the University of Lille, France. He is a researcher at the GERiiCO laboratory and an independent consultant of the Ourouk consulting office in Paris. He is also a member of the euroCRIS Board.

Violaine Rebouillat has a PhD in information and communication sciences. She works as a temporary research and teaching assistant at the Claude Bernard University Lyon 1, France. She is also an associate member of the ELICO and Dicen-IDF laboratories. Her research interests center on research data and how the push for openness is changing scientific practices.

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