Responsive Ethics and Participation

Science, Technology and Democracy

Volume 9 - Innovation and Responsability SET by Robert Gianni and Bernard Reber

Responsive Ethics and Participation

Kalli Giannelos, Sciences Po, Paris, France
Bernard Reber, Sciences Po, Paris, France
Neelke Doorn, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands

ISBN : 9781786307569

Publication Date : November 2022

Hardcover 222 pp

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Taking stock of the overall confused picture that research and innovation (R&I) literature and practices offer with regard to citizen and stakeholder participation, this book provides a methodical conceptual and an empirical analysis to determine the connection between ethics and participation.

Strong theoretical pillars in the fields of ethics, politics and responsible research and innovation (RRI) form the backbone of this critical approach to participation, which considers new approaches to democratic participation. Taking into account a number of participatory processes, Responsive Ethics and Participation establishes a new methodology to differentiate, classify and understand the added value of the participation of citizens and stakeholders in R&I.

Participation could be considered the epitome of innovation ethics. However, its multidimensionality, its ethical and theoretical grounds and the nature of the involvement and related outcomes must be clarified at the outset, in order to reach active forms of participation. Ethical participation is required for reliable developments in science and technology, which is what this book ultimately demonstrates.


1. Defining Ethics and Participation.
2. Regulations on Ethics and Participation.
3. Ethical Participation.

About the authors/editors

Kalli Giannelos is a researcher and lecturer at Sciences Po, Paris. She holds a PhD in social sciences, a master’s degree from Sciences Po and two research master’s degrees from the Sorbonne. Her research focuses on innovation ethics, participatory democracy, media and digital ethics.

Bernard Reber is a philosopher and CNRS director of research at Sciences Po, Paris. He is a renowned expert on participatory technological assessment in both theoretical (including moral and political philosophy) and comparative–empirical terms (including moral sociology).

Neelke Doorn is a professor of ethics of water engineering at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. She has a background in civil engineering, philosophy and law. She works on the interface of philosophy and technology, with a special focus on water and climate.