Territorial Crisis Management

From Emergency to Reconstruction

SCIENCES - Geography of Risk

Territorial Crisis Management

Edited by

Richard Laganier, Academy of Nice, France
Yvette Veyret, University of Paris Ouest Nanterre, France

ISBN : 9781789450804

Publication Date : October 2022

Hardcover 250 pp

165.00 USD



Our societies have become very crisis-prone. This book explores crises and the methods of anticipation, management and reconstruction, and considers a risk-crisis-territorial development continuum. The aim is to better understand a widely used concept and clarify the methods of action in the field of crisis management. The different forms of learning proposed to better face future crises are also questioned.

This book invites us to analyze the resources available to support crisis management and reconstruction, and consider the unequal access to these resources in different territories in order to design future territorial strategies. This often results in a form of territorial inertia after the crises. However, some innovate, imagine renewed territories, prepare for reconstruction, or even recompose territories now in order to make them more resilient. The crisis can then be the driving force or the accelerator of these changes and contribute to the emergence of new practices, or even new urban and territorial utopias.


1. Territorial Crisis, Elements of Definition, Richard Laganier and Yvette Veyret.
2. General Principles of Crisis Management, Freddy Vinet and Anne-Marie Levraut.
3. Learning from Crisis Management, Freddy Vinet, Alain Chevallier, Hoilid Lamssalak and Dimitri Lapierre.
4. Crisis Management Resources, Jérémy Robert, Pauline Gluski, Sébastien Hardy, Pascale Metzger and Alexis Sierra.
5. Post-disaster Recovery: Challenges and Resources, Annabelle Moatty.
6. Crises and Territories: Legacies, Inertia and Dynamics, Nancy Meschinet de Richemond and Yvette Veyret.
7. Founding Crisis of Territorial Renewal, Yvette Veyret and Richard Laganier.

About the authors/editors

Richard Laganier is Rector of the Academy of Nice, Professor of Geography at the University Sorbonne Paris Cité, member of the UMR PRODIG-CNRS-IRD and former President of the French National Geography Committee.

Yvette Veyret is Emeritus Professor of Geography at the University of Paris Ouest Nanterre and former President of the French National Committee of Geography.