Fluid–Structure Interaction

Numerical Simulation Techniques for Naval Applications

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Fluid–Structure Interaction

Jean-François Sigrist, Engineer qualified to direct research, France
Cédric Leblond, Naval Group and holds a PhD in Engineering Sciences, France

ISBN : 9781789450781

Publication Date : January 2023

Hardcover 398 pp

165.00 USD



This book provides a comprehensive overview of the numerical simulation of fluid–structure interaction (FSI) for application in marine engineering.

Fluid–Structure Interaction details a wide range of modeling methods (numerical, semi-analytical, empirical), calculation methods (finite element, boundary element, finite volume, lattice Boltzmann method) and numerical approaches (reduced order models and coupling strategy, among others).

Written by a group of experts and researchers from the naval sector, this book is intended for those involved in research or design who are looking to gain an overall picture of hydrodynamics, seakeeping and performance under extreme loads, noise and vibration. Using a concise, didactic approach, the book describes the ways in which numerical simulation contributes to modeling and understanding fluid–structure interaction for designing and optimizing the ships of the future.


1. A Brief History of Naval Hydrodynamics, Alain Bovis.
2. Numerical Methods for Vibro-acoustics of Ships in the “Low frequency” Range, Jean-François Sigrist.
3. Hybrid Methods for the Vibro-acoustic Response of Submerged Structures, Valentin Meyer and Laurent Maxit.
4. “Advanced” Methods for the Vibro-acoustic Response of Naval Structures, Cédric Leblond.
5. Calculating Hydrodynamic Flows: LBM and POD Methods, Erwan Liberge.
6. Dynamic Behavior of Tube Bundles with Fluid–Structure Interaction, Daniel Broc.
7. Calculating Turbulent Pressure Spectra, Myriam Slama.
8. Calculating Fluid–Structure Interactions Using Co-simulation Techniques, Laëtitia Pernod.
9. The Seakeeping of Ships, Jean-Jacques Maisonneuve.
10. Modeling the Effects of Underwater Explosions on Submerged Structures, Quentin Rakotomalala.
11. Resistance of Composite Structures Under Extreme Hydrodynamic Loads, Pierre Berthelot, Kevin Brochard, Alexis Bloch and Jean-Christophe Petiteau.

About the authors/editors

Jean-François Sigrist is an engineer qualified to direct research. He is an expert in scientific computing, mainly applied to the naval and maritime domains. He is the author of several publications and books on fluid–structure interaction modeling and numerical simulation.

Cédric Leblond is a research and development engineer at Naval Group and holds a PhD in Engineering Sciences. Working at the crossroads of technical expertise and academic research, he is the author of a number of international publications on advanced numerical methods.

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