Graphs, Orders, Infinites and Philosophy

Graphs, Orders, Infinites and Philosophy

Daniel Parrochia, Universities of Toulouse, Montpellier and Lyon, France

ISBN : 9781786308979

Publication Date : May 2023

Hardcover 262 pp

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From Pythagoreans to Hegel, and beyond, this book gives a brief overview of the history of the notion of graphs and introduces the main concepts of graph theory in order to apply them to philosophy. In addition, this book presents how philosophers can use various mathematical notions of order. Throughout the book, philosophical operations and concepts are defined through examining questions relating the two kinds of known infinities – discrete and continuous – and how Woodin’s approach can influence elements of philosophy.

We also examine how mathematics can help a philosopher to discover the elements of stability which will help to build an image of the world, even if various approaches (for example, negative theology) generally cannot be valid. Finally, we briefly consider the possibilities of weakening formal thought represented by fuzziness and neutrosophic graphs. In a nutshell, this book expresses the importance of graphs when representing ideas and communicating them clearly with others.


1. Graphs.
2. Philosophical Graphs.
3. Order and Its Philosophical Use.
4. Towards a Formal Philosophy.
5. Philosophical Transformations.
6. Concepts and Topology.
7. The Problem of the Infinite.
8. In Search for a New Philosophy.
9. Extension of Structuralism and Negative Theology.
10. From Fuzzy Graphs to Neutrosophic Graphs.

About the authors/editors

Daniel Parrochia was a research fellow at the French CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research), then a professor at the Universities of Toulouse, Montpellier and Lyon, France. He is the author of thirty books and numerous articles in the field of the philosophy of science.

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