Synthesizers and Subtractive Synthesis 1

Theory and Overview

Synthesizers and Subtractive Synthesis 1

Jean-Michel Réveillac, University of Burgundy, France.

ISBN : 9781786309242

Publication Date : March 2024

Hardcover 286 pp

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Subtractive sound synthesis has been one of the most widely used techniques in electronic music and for many analog synthesizers since the early 1960s.

It is based on a simple principle, but its operation remains complex, involving many parameters. It can be enriched by a variety of effects that give the sound its authenticity. It does not just imitate musical instruments, but can also transcribe noises present in natural soundscapes, or generate entirely synthetic sounds.

Synthesizers and Subtractive Synthesis 1 presents the theoretical basis of a sound phenomenon, the different types of synthesis, the components that are required and present in synthesizers, the working environment specific to the study of subtractive synthesis, and the hardware and software available.

After reading the various chapters of this book, readers will have a clear vision of the tools and actions required to grasp the world of subtractive sound.


1. Sound Synthesis.
2. The Different Types of Synthesis.
3. Components, Processing Techniques and Tools.
4. Work Environment.
5. CV/Gate and MIDI.

About the authors/editors

Jean-Michel Réveillac has been a specialist in sound processing and synthesis for 35 years. He is an associate lecturer at the University of Burgundy, France, a consultant to media companies, and runs a sound restoration, mixing and transcoding studio.

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