HVParis 2008 - HVTT10

International Conference on Heavy Vehicles

HVParis 2008 - HVTT10

Edited by

Bernard Jacob
Paul Nordengen
and Alan O'Connor
Mohamed Bouteldja

ISBN : 9781848210585

Publication Date : May 2008

Hardcover 608 pp

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This conference combines the 5th International Conference on Weigh-in-Motion (ICWIM 5) and the 10th International Symposium on Heavy Vehicle Transport Technology (HVTT 10).

ICWIM has been held every 3-4 years since 1995, in Zurich, Lisbon, Orlando and Taipei.

ISHVWD has been held every 2-3 years since 1986, in Kelowna, Cambridge, Ann Arbor, Maroochydore, Saskatoon, Delft, Johannesburg and State College.

In 2008, both conferences are being held in Paris as one conference on heavy vehicles split into two parts, each scientifically managed by its own committee. Common plenary sessions welcome keynote papers, while each part (ICWIM 5 and HVTT 10) is run in parallel sessions.

The conference addresses the broad range of technical issues related to heavy vehicles, surface transport technology, safety and weight measurement systems. It provides access to current research, best practice and related policy issues. It is a multi-disciplinary, inter-agency supported event.


– Heavy vehicles and WIM technology, testing and standards;
– Interactions between heavy vehicles or trains and the infrastructure, environment and other system users;
– Heavy vehicle and road management information: measurements, data quality, data management;
– Freight mobility and safety;
– Vehicle classification, size and weight evaluation, regulations and enforcement;
– Traffic and road safety;
– WIM of road vehicles, trains and aeroplanes.