Vibrations and Acoustic Radiation of Thin Structures

Physical basis, theoretical analysis and numerical methods

Vibrations and Acoustic Radiation of Thin Structures

Paul J.T. Filippi

ISBN : 9781848210561

Publication Date : September 2008

Hardcover 288 pp

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This book offers comprehensive coverage of the various areas relating to the vibrations and vibro-acoustics of thin structures. It splits the subject into three distinct fields. First, an introduction to the subject is provided, before discussion is given to the various types of thin structures (thin plates, beams, circular cylindrical shells, spherical shells, etc.) and the equations governing vibrations in these structures. Next, the vibratory response of thin structures is detailed, including resonance modes and forced harmonic and transient regimes. Finally, the book concludes by covering the acoustic radiation and transmission by thin structures, and the problems this can cause in acoustical engineering.

At the end of each of these areas, exercises are provided so that the reader can test their understanding of the subject. As such, this title will prove to be a valuable resource for both students and practicing engineers in the field.


1. Equations governing the vibrations of thin structures
2. Vibratory response of thin structures in vacuo: resonance modes, forced harmonic regime, transient regime
3. Acoustic radiation and transmission by thin structures

About the authors/editors

Paul J. T. Filippi was a Directeur de Recherche at the Laboratoire de Mécanique et d'Acoustique (LMA-CNRS, Marseille) until the end of 1999. He was in charge of the Formation Doctorale d'Acoustique et Dynamique des Vibrations, which is, now, the Master de Mécanique at the University of Provence. He has published many papers on acoustics, vibrations of thin structures and vibro-acoustics.

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