Electric Drives

Design Methodology

Electric Drives

Marcel Jufer, Emeritus Professor at EPFL, Switzerland

ISBN : 9781848212176

Publication Date : June 2010

Hardcover 240 pp

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An electric drive that is designed or adapted to a specific application must take into account all the elements of the chain of constituent elements in its use and deployment. In addition to the motor, the transmission, power electronics, control, sensors, and electrical protection systems must be taken into account.

The motor and the transmission can be optimized and designed to obtain the best energy efficiency assessment, in particular for dynamic nodes. An inventory and a characterization of these various components is proposed as part of this book’s examination and explanation of the different technology elements, as well as a dynamic model of the system, with the whole system constituting a methodology for integrated electric drive design.


1. Introduction – Electric Drive Components.
2. Driven Bodies.
3. Transmission.
4. Motors.
5. Motors: Characterization.
6. Global Design of an Electric Drive.
7. Heating and Thermal Limits.
8. Electrical Peripherals.
9. Electronic Peripherals.
10. Sensors.
11. Direct Drives.
12. Integrated Drives.

About the authors/editors

Marcel Jufer is Emeritus Professor at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland.