Electromagnetic Reverberation Chambers

Electromagnetic Reverberation Chambers

Philippe Besnier, IETR/INSA, Rennes, France
Bernard Démoulin, IEMN, Lille, France

ISBN : 9781848212930

Publication Date : August 2011

Hardcover 432 pp

197.00 USD



Dedicated to a complete presentation on all aspects of reverberation chambers, this book provides the physical principles behind these test systems in a very progressive manner. The detailed panorama of parameters governing the operation of electromagnetic reverberation chambers details various applications such as radiated immunity, emissivity, and shielding efficiency experiments.

In addition, the reader is provided with the elements of electromagnetic theory and statistics required to take full advantage of the basic operational rules of reverberation chambers, including calibration procedures. Comparisons with other testing systems (TEM cells, anechoic chambers) are also discussed.


1. Position of the Reverberation Chambers in Common Electromagnetic Tests.
2. Main Physical Features of Electromagnetic Cavities.
3. Statistical Behavior of Stirred Waves in an Oversized Cavity.
4. Impact of the Physical and Technological Parameters of a Reverberation Chamber.
5. Radiated Immunity Tests in a Reverberation Chamber.
6. Emissivity Tests in Reverberation Chambers.
7. Measurement of the Shielding Effectiveness.
8. Mode Stirring Reverberation Chamber: A Research Tool.

About the authors/editors

Philippe Besnier is head of EMC research activities in a public research lab at IETR, Rennes, France. He is a senior member of the IEEE society.

Bernard Démoulin is Emeritus Professor at University of Lille, France. He was head of an EMC research team in a public research lab at IEMN, Lille, France. He is a corresponding member of URSI. His activities and field of expertise focus on EMC measurement techniques.

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