Fundamentals of Instrumentation and Measurement

 Fundamentals of Instrumentation and Measurement

Edited by

Dominique Placko, ENS Cachan, Cachan, France

ISBN : 9781905209392

Publication Date : March 2007

Hardcover 576 pp

290.00 USD



This title presents the general principles of instrumentation processes. It explains the theoretical analysis of physical phenomena used by standard sensors and transducers to transform a physical value into an electrical signal. The pre-processing of these signals through electronic circuits – amplification, signal filtering and analog-to-digital conversion – is then detailed, in order to provide useful basic information. Attention is then given to general complex systems. Topics covered include instrumentation and measurement chains, sensor modeling, digital signal processing and diagnostic methods and the concept of smart sensors, as well as microsystem design and applications. Numerous industrial examples punctuate the discussion, setting the subjects covered in the book in their practical context.


1. Measurement instrumentation, Mustapha Nadi.
2. General principles of sensors, François Lepoutre.
3. Physical principles of optical, thermal and mechanical sensors, François Lepoutre.
4. Analog processing associated with sensors, Eduardo Santander and Bernard Journet.
5. Analog filters, Paul Bildstein.
6. Real-time data acquisition and processing systems, Dominique Miller.
7. The contribution of microtechnologies, François Baillieu and Olivier Vancauwenberghe.
8. Instruments and measurement chains, Bernard Journet and Stéphane Poujouly.
9. Elaboration of models for the interaction between the sensor and its environment, Michel Lecollinet.
10. Representation and analysis of signals, Frédéric Truchetet, Cécile Durieu and Denis Prémel.
11. Multi-sensor systems: diagnostics and fusion, Patrice Aknin and Thierry Maurin.
12. Smart sensors, Michel Robert.

About the authors/editors

Dominique Placko is Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan, France, where he teaches applied physics and electronic sciences. He is the writer of over 100 scientific papers in the past 25 years, including contributions to international journals and conferences. He has also published eight books and is co-inventor for 15 patents. He received the Blondel award in 1998.

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