Data Mining and Machine Learning in Building Energy Analysis

Data Mining and Machine Learning in Building Energy Analysis

Frédéric Magoulès, Ecole Centrale Paris, France
Hai-Xiang Zhao, Amadeus, France

ISBN : 9781848214224

Publication Date : January 2016

Hardcover 186 pp

110.00 USD



The energy consumption of a building has, in recent years, become a determining factor during its design and construction. With carbon footprints being a growing issue, it is important that buildings be optimized for energy conservation and CO2 reduction. This book therefore presents AI models and optimization techniques related to this application.

The authors start with a review of recent models for the prediction of building energy consumption: engineering methods, statistical methods, artificial intelligence methods, ANNs and SVMs in particular. The book then focuses on SVMs, by first applying them to building energy consumption, then presenting the principles and various extensions, and SVR. The authors then move on to RDP, which they use to determine building energy faults through simulation experiments before presenting SVR model reduction methods and the benefits of parallel computing. The book then closes by presenting some of the current research and advancements in the field.


1. Overview of Building Energy Analysis.
2. Data Acquisition for Building Energy Analysis.
3. Artificial Intelligence Models.
4. Artificial Intelligence for Building Energy Analysis.
5. Model Reduction for Support Vector Machines.
6. Parallel Computing for Support Vector Machines.

About the authors/editors

Frédéric Magoulès is Professor at the Ecole Centrale Paris in France and Honorary Professor at the University of Pècs in Hungary. His research focuses on parallel computing, numerical linear algebra and machine learning.

Hai-Xiang Zhao is Senior Researcher at Amadeus in France. His research focuses on parallel computing, data mining and machine learning.

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