Signal Processing with Free Software

FOCUS Series in Digital Signal and Image Processing

Signal Processing with Free Software

Fran├žois Auger, IUT of Saint-Nazaire, University of Nantes, France

ISBN : 9781848214637

Publication Date : January 2014

Hardcover 96 pp

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Signal Processing with Free Software presents practical experiments in signal processing in order to demonstrate some possibilities for the practical implementation of signal processing techniques. To do this, the author uses free software applications, including SoX, Audacity and Visual Analyser, focusing on their uses in real situations.

The text introduces elementary signals through elementary waveforms, signal storage files and elementary operations on signals. It goes on to present the first tools of signal analysis, such as temporal and frequency characteristics, before leading on to time-frequency analysis. Non-parametric spectral analysis is also discussed, as well as signal processing through sampling, resampling, quantification, and analog and digital filtering.

The practical nature of this book with signal processing laboratory exercises makes it particularly relevant to university students and teachers in this field.


1. Generating Elementary Signals.
2. Signal Analysis.
3. Signal Processing.

About the authors/editors

Fran├žois Auger is Full Professor at the IUT (University Institute of Technology) of Saint-Nazaire, University of Nantes, in France.